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Solving the shortage of women’s health care providers in the US is a daunting task that will involve coordinating stakeholders from every level of the medical community. There are few people in the world today who understand this complex issue as well as Ginger Breedlove, PhD, CNM, APRN, FACNM, FAAN.



The main job of any OBGYN or Midwife is to ensure the health of mothers and babies, but birth in the United States is still a business. Lesley Rathbun has spent the last 30 years advocating for women’s health while becoming a well-known figure in the fields of birth center entrepreneurship and legislation.

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Arden has spent over a decade in the healthcare industry with a primary focus on midwifery and birth centers. Before joining Grow Midwives she was the Director of Operations and Chief Compliance Officer for Larsen Billing Service. Arden has extensive experience in medical billing and coding, revenue cycle management, health care compliance and contract negotiations.



Today’s Physicians and Midwives spend the majority of their early careers learning how to administer care. So much so that learning the legal and business aspects of running a practice simply isn’t feasible. The legalities surrounding maternity care require careful navigation by a knowledgeable advocate.

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“There are few leaders in the American maternal health system that I respect and admire more than Ginger and Lesley. They have improved the wellbeing of countless moms and babies, not only through their own clinical practices, but through building professional bridges and laying the foundation for how midwives and physicians, birth centers and hospitals, can and should work together.”


“Ginger has been my ideal model of professional midwifery for over 20 years...  It was Ginger’s wisdom and professional demeanor, tireless research into best practices and seasoned leadership that made the practice a success...  She combines a unique mix of experience, warmth, intelligence, practicality and passion which she brings to every project to which she commits.”



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Reminding midwives, new grads and students looking for information about employment as well as other important professional topics to check out the #GrowMidwives blog tab at www.growmidwives.comYou can also find recordings on the Grow Midwives YouTube channel.Next webinar on deck in August will introduce Arden Schwenker who will talk about Superbills, Fees and Billing compliance.#HereToHelp #scalingupandsustainingmidwifery #themoreyouknow ... See MoreSee Less
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Vicarious Liability for Midwives - What do you know? Have you been told this is a limiting factor stated by a physician — their inability to serve as a collaborating physician due to this concern?Are you unsure about the differences related to an employee relationship, an independent contractor relationship and, an independent relationship working with a collaborating physician as indicated by patient needs?Does your state mandate employment by a physician to practice, or do they require a written agreement to verify collaboration with a physician?In 2007 Law Offices of Joseph W Booth wrote an article for the JMWH on Vicarious Liability. A thorough review of the topic was presented as it relates to midwife/physician arrangements. In 2019, #GrowMidwives decided it was time to update the article, and include a robust toolkit on how to handle barriers to practice based on this legal concept. The review is particularly helpful where physicians are misinformed on the legal definition of vicarious liability and that it is extremely rare in case law working with midwives.This toolkit, specifically designed for AMCB midwives, includes a comprehensive review of all CNM cases over the last 10 years. CMs were not identified in over a 10 year case law review.We have reduced the price to purchase to $20. Content of the toolkit can be viewed below. growmidwives.com/store/ #themoreyouknow #scalingupandsustainingmidwifery #yesyoucan #growwithus #HereToHelp ... See MoreSee Less
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Let's share some good news 🎉 to wrap up the week. Wins to scale up and sustain midwifery happen every day and often go unrecognized. Particularly midwives that create start ups.Developing a good business management strategy doesn’t happen overnight. There will be trial and error to see what works best for your team and model, and continuous work to integrate these strategies over time. Trust the process and listen to your instincts along the way. In addition it is important to get help where needed.Offering a FANTASTIC article with advice on steps to consider in start ups to increase your goal of success! “Eighty percent (80) of new businesses fail within the first five years. The good news is that 90 percent of all business failures are due to poor management decisions. Why is this good news? Because understanding the causes of past entrepreneurial failures could gird you against repeating them.” bit.ly/3zQ11A3Grow Midwives member Lesley Meenach Rathbun has been a business owner over 10 years. Her story is a case study for midwife-owned birth center success, challenges and sustainability over time.Tell us something great that has happened for your business this week or advice you have for others!#growmidwives #scalingupandsustainingmidwifery #growwithus #yesyoucan #heretohelp ... See MoreSee Less
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