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Solving the shortage of women’s health care providers in the US is a daunting task that will involve coordinating stakeholders from every level of the medical community. There are few people in the world today who understand this complex issue as well as Ginger Breedlove, PhD, CNM, APRN, FACNM, FAAN.



The main job of any OBGYN or Midwife is to ensure the health of mothers and babies, but birth in the United States is still a business. Lesley Rathbun has spent the last 30 years advocating for women’s health while becoming a well-known figure in the fields of birth center entrepreneurship and legislation.

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Arden has spent over a decade in the healthcare industry with a primary focus on midwifery and birth centers. Before joining Grow Midwives she was the Director of Operations and Chief Compliance Officer for Larsen Billing Service. Arden has extensive experience in medical billing and coding, revenue cycle management, health care compliance and contract negotiations.

K Michelle Doyle

K. Michelle Doyle, MSN, CNM, BCST


Caring for women, families, and birthing people day in and day out is the work of most midwives. Supporting both her own clients as well as helping other midwives to care for their clients is what Michelle has done for decades.



Today’s Physicians and Midwives spend the majority of their early careers learning how to administer care. So much so that learning the legal and business aspects of running a practice simply isn’t feasible. The legalities surrounding maternity care require careful navigation by a knowledgeable advocate.

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“There are few leaders in the American maternal health system that I respect and admire more than Ginger and Lesley. They have improved the wellbeing of countless moms and babies, not only through their own clinical practices, but through building professional bridges and laying the foundation for how midwives and physicians, birth centers and hospitals, can and should work together.”


“Ginger has been my ideal model of professional midwifery for over 20 years...  It was Ginger’s wisdom and professional demeanor, tireless research into best practices and seasoned leadership that made the practice a success...  She combines a unique mix of experience, warmth, intelligence, practicality and passion which she brings to every project to which she commits.”



"As a new graduate CNM working with a hospital who has never had a midwife before I had no clue where to start the negotiating process. Grow Midwives was able to break the contract down and explain what it was saying. They provided me with suggestions on what to ask for in the original contract review.  When I met with Ginger for 1:1 coaching she was able to talk me through the things I wanted and how to ask for them.  With their help I was able to negotiate $50,000 in student loan repayment, a $35,000 increase in salary, non-compete clause from 3 years to 1 year, and an increase in sign on bonus that is forgiven after 2 years.  Even after the 1:1 coaching and contract review Ginger has answered any questions I have had with no extra charge. Had I not worked with them I would have been miserable in that first contract and may have even left midwifery all together because of it.  If you are questioning your contract or whether it is worth the money to meet with them don’t question anymore. It has been totally worth it!"

-CG, November 2021


Consulting with Ginger has been a blessing.  At the time that I heard about Grow Midwives, I was being promoted to Director of Midwifery Service at my practice. As young Midwife, it was important to me that I equip myself with the tools and the mentorship to shape myself as a leader who could make our service thrive. After my first meeting with Ginger, I felt motivated, empowered, and informed about the next steps I needed to make in order to emerge as a leader in my department while expanding the reach of our service!  Truly looking forward to future meetings with Ginger soon.

-Jodi Watson, CNM

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NOTICE: We will be unavailable for client services between May 21-25 to attend the ACNM Annual meeting! ... See MoreSee Less
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"I have been practicing midwifery for a few years now. Grow Midwives is the only place I have found that can provide concrete support and unbiased advice about the midwifery profession. The webinars provide a wealth of knowledge from contract negotiations to transitioning from hospital midwifery to birth center work. Unfortunately, midwives are often overworked and underpaid. Their true worth is not valued. Grow Midwives is THE place to turn for help with contract negotiations, legal concerns, and practice start-ups. Ginger has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. Call them and get help from the best!" - Brenda, Grow Midwives Client ... See MoreSee Less
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Want to know our WHY at #growmidwives?Hear from our team.We do what we do because we truly believe that we MUST scale up and sustain midwifery in this country in order to improve the health outcomes of families!#scalingupandsustainingmidwiferyWww.growmidwives.com ... See MoreSee Less
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