Grow Midwives brings over 70 years of combined experience leading and integrating midwifery-led models in community-based and academic teaching centers. The founding partners also bring a unique national lens serving as past presidents of the American College of Nurse- Midwives and the American Association of Birth Centers.

We believe the optimal design of team-based care (in all settings) require Physicians and Midwives to establish seamless care based on “right provider, right place right time” that is grounded in trust with mutually embraced principles of practice.

Unique to our scope of work, distinguishing our consulting as among the best in the nation, is assistance with model design, forming healthy partnerships, facilitating key steps from start up to open, an interactive financial proforma specific to midwifery revenue generation, staffing requirements, negotiating payer contracts, midwifery coding and billing and industry compliance. Our comprehensive services bring expert guidance on how to take concept to reality.

Consultative Services Include:

Assist in Midwife-led practice or service start up or expansion

Proforma Financial Tool for Midwifery Start Ups

Strategies for Practice Negotiation

Insurance Contract Review

Insurance Contract Negotiations

Billing and Coding Training

Compliance Consulting



Midwives are often busy, too busy to think about what is an equitable salary let alone negotiate their value to employment settings. Grow Midwives offers unique 1:1 midwife career services that spans consultation on employment contract agreements, renegotiating one’s initial salary or raise, resolving conflict within practice setting, and even strategy to exit an employment arrangement. Our aim is to assist midwives in to satisfying, stable practice relationships that foster high quality care and recognize value. Consultations include comprehensive contract reviews with written recommendations, 1:1 coaching for career goals, counter job offers or exiting to individualized services such as retreat facilitation, growing a strategy and vision for a service and facilitating workplace conflict resolution.

Consultative Services Include:

Contract Review

Individual – Career Coaching 

Resume Review (2 rounds editing)

Nurse-Midwife Service Director – Coaching Series

Additional Consulting Services

Additional Consulting Services

Nurse-Midwifery Education Program (ACME) Pre-Accreditation Consulting

ACNM Affiliate or Practice Retreats

Midwife and MD Facilitated Meetings

Speaking Engagements on all areas of service provision

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