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“There are few leaders in the American maternal health system that I respect and admire more than Ginger and Lesley. They have improved the wellbeing of countless moms and babies, not only through their own clinical practices, but through building professional bridges and laying the foundation for how midwives and physicians, birth centers and hospitals, can and should work together.”


“Ginger has been my ideal model of professional midwifery for over 20 years...  It was Ginger’s wisdom and professional demeanor, tireless research into best practices and seasoned leadership that made the practice a success...  She combines a unique mix of experience, warmth, intelligence, practicality and passion which she brings to every project to which she commits.”



13 hours ago

Grow Midwives

Honored to get up at 'o'dark thirty' to give two live presentations to the European Armed Services annual conference broadcast out of Landstuhl Military Hospital in Germany. Plans to be with them in person in April were changed due to COVID.

Thanks to Stephanie Shivers, CNM for her assistance in moderating both sessions today, and to all the US Midwives serving in the Armed Forces.

Today: Beyond the Bundles and Collegiality in Care, tomorrow morning, Care in the Postpartum Period

If you want to know who provides care with lowest percentage of maternal deaths/100,000 - look to the Military Health System. Thank you all!
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4 days ago

Grow Midwives

We are celebrating the second year of a widely valued book on preparing for and the early weeks of parenting.

If interested in a chance to win a free book, read below.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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6 days ago

Grow Midwives

Listen in to learn more about what we do at #GrowMidwives

We work with individual midwives, midwifery practices, hospitals, physician groups, developing midwifery programs and birth centers. Let us know if you have questions. Thank you to those who have reached out for advice!

Grow Midwives fills the gaps in the midwifery community. We act as the gardener to help our clients grow into the successful careers they have always wanted!
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