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Integrating Midwifery Led Care in 2019


There are numerous resources for learning how to create a distinct, high functioning, and integrated midwifery practice. By being aware of every resource currently available, and matching opportunities with your professional goals, you can execute the right strategy to get started with midwifery led care.

Best business practices do not need to be re-invented, but founded on the experience of others. This experience is best gathered from existing services that act as a wisened guide, such as:

  1. Self-assessment about your practice model
  2. Strategies to develop an innovative practice
  3. Cost-modeling to demonstrate overall costs and savings by adding midwives
  4. Meeting consumer demand with patient education and engagement as a cornerstone of care
  5. Emphasis on cross-disciplinary provider collaboration

The Pacific Business Group on Health on Midwifery Led Care

The Pacific Business Group on Health (PBGH) aims to be a change agent by increasing value in the healthcare system through purchaser collaboration, innovation and action, and through the spread of best practices.

“PBGH’s Member organizations — private employers and public agencies — are the most powerful voice for consumers and patients in the U.S. Ultimately, the profound concern of purchasers about the high cost and poor quality of healthcare puts them on the same side as the American public when it comes to driving improvement throughout the healthcare system. PBGH’s approach is to use the clout and concentrated power of our Member organizations to test innovative healthcare methods in specific markets, and then to take successful approaches to scale across the U.S.  PBGH also uses educational forums, user groups, and networking events to maximize our Members’ impact.”

On April 2, 2018 PGBH hosted a national webinar on: How Practices and Hospitals Can Integrate Midwives to Improve Outcomes. Dr. Neel Shah and Ginger Breedlove opened the discussion on implications for implementation in today’s health care system. The webinar included an overview of tools to assist in understanding financial considerations, a pro forma tool and a “how to” guide.

Additional tools referenced in the PBGH toolkit include key documents:

Our aim for this webinar is to weave these, and other resources, into a trail guide for strategic implementation – a process that turns strategies and plans into actions.

Critical steps and actions move a strategic plan from a document that sits on your computer to actions that drive establishing a practice. Although implementation may not be an exhilarating topic, it’s fundamental business practices are required for any strategy to take hold.

Important Questions Related to Midwifery Led Care

We urge you to watch the PBGH 1-hour webinar prior to this Webinar to facilitate the conversation on steps to building a highly successful, integrated, team-based midwifery practice!

Join Grow Midwives on Facebook in two weeks on April 28/29 when we will host a Facebook livestream as well as a webinar from the ACOG annual meeting in Austin, TX. Look there for updates on physician questions, dispelling myths, and promoting midwifery-led models of care.

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Watch the Grow Midwives Webinar on Integrating Midwifery Led Care

Watch the Webinar Here!


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