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Professional liability coverage: 411 for Midwives on Claims-made, Occurrence, Nose, Tail and Gap (Recorded June 17, 2020)

To address concern with increasing trends in poorly written midwifery contracts and to enhance awareness of professional liability coverage, a 90-minute, live, interactive Webinar was provided by the Grow Midwives team of Joseph Booth and Ginger Breedlove. Discussion centers on midwife actions that can be taken when negotiating PRIOR to signing agreements, when preparing to EXIT an employed relationship, and to improve one’s overall understanding of liability coverage clauses.
We dive into clear explanations such as:

If claims-made insurance is a benefit in your employment agreement, it is imperative that you understand that tail coverage is necessary when you leave if you hope to get credentialed and privileged at another hospital.

If you looking for new employment: Do you know what your employer agreement outlines for professional malpractice insurance and do you have a copy of the policy? Are you planning to retire soon? You want to go bare? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you need to understand “tail” insurance and, “nose” insurance.

We urge midwives to carefully review contract clauses around the professional liability insurance policy and what happens in the event a lawsuit is filed after you leave your current employer. This means paying special attention to whether your professional liability insurance policy provides for claims-made or occurrence-based coverage, and if it’s the former, who is responsible for purchasing tail coverage. And we urge midwives to have a copy of every policy in their file, from every practice, until years after ending of clinical practice

The webinar concludes with an open-mic, 30-minute Q&A with great discussions relevant to every day practice.

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