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Negotiating At Will Contracts

October 7, 2020 Negotiating At Will Contracts – Joseph Booth, Lesley Rathbun and Ginger Breedlove

This panel presentation will help midwives improve their understanding on how to protect your professional career, view examples from redacted contracts with concerning content, and how to negotiate terms. Midwives who can skillfully negotiate the terms and conditions of employment will feel more confident beginning their job than those who accept an original offer. Negotiation demonstrates interest, and negotiation matters most when there is a broad range of possible outcomes. What do you want and need in a job, and how does the offer impact that list?  Much of your satisfaction from the job will come from other factors you can negotiate—perhaps even more easily than salary. Don’t get fixated on money. 

Topics include: 

What is an At Will Agreement?

What should you negotiate in Agreements?

Examples of Red Flag Clauses Common in Contracts

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