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RVUs a Primer for Midwives

RVUs and Midwifery – Really? Yes, many Midwives work under specific contract clauses for a base salary, incentive bonus and/or annual performance metrics. Do RVUs bring value to the midwife? Yes, monetarily they can, and also, RVUs can bring many challenges, hardships and lead to divisive practice politics. If you are interested in knowing the state of the science on all things RVU and midwifery this webinar is for you.

Designed as primer on current review of literature (scant in publication at best) including current examples of redacted contracts discussing pitfalls, this 90-minute recorded live session will leave the listener with a better understanding of how RVUs influence compensation for all health providers, as well as alternative payment models to negotiate for midwives.

As a result of the January 2021 Webinar’s high interest, a new FB discussion group is being formed on Grow Midwives FB page dedicating 100% conversation to RVU metrics and payment models for midwives around the US.

Download the Powerpoint here!

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