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RVU Primer for Midwives: The 2023 Update

RVU Primer for Midwives: The 2023 Update
RVU Primer for Midwives: The 2023 Update

RVU Primer for Midwives: The 2023 Update

Grow Midwives hosts webinars multiple times throughout the year on key topics to help birth centers and midwives learn the most relevant and up to date information to help grow and sustain Midwifery practices in the United States. 

Using our combined decades of national leadership roles and breadth of professional expertise, we are able to provide midwives with multiple resources to create successful and lasting businesses.

Our upcoming webinar topic on April 27 at 7:00 PM CT is an update to the 2021 RVU: Primer for Midwives hosted by Ginger Breedlove, PhD, CNM, FACNM, FAAN, CEO, Founder and Principal Consultant. Make sure to register or rewatch the webinar HERE!

This update will include an overview of the new 2023 CMS guidelines for wRVU calculation. Many midwives are employed with a contract that includes a bonus structure beyond base salary. Some contracts require midwives to ‘pay back’ a portion of their salary if they do not meet RVU benchmark metrics assigned to them. Do RVUs bring value to the midwife? Yes and No! From a bonus model it can be of value if the structure for payment distribution recognizes all contributing providers. However, RVUs can bring many challenges, hardships, and lead to divisive practice politics. 

There remains scant publication related to midwifery and RVU assignment. This updated webinar provides information that will aid understanding, including current examples of redacted contracts discussing pros and cons of each. The free webinar will leave our viewers with a better understanding of how RVUs influence compensation for all health providers, as well as alternative payment models to negotiate for midwives.

Sign up or watch the replay of our upcoming webinar here:

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