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Grow Midwives Retreat

Grow Midwives Retreat
Grow Midwives Retreat

Grow Midwives hosted our retreat in Kansas City, bringing our core team together for work AND play on a beautiful Spring weekend this March. Following a fun team night out at Top Golf, we spent the weekend focusing on how to improve our current services, marketing, outreach, advocacy, and communication methods with our industry and clients. 

Questions we set out to answer during the retreat included:

– Where are we positioned to continue our work?

– What does our current team expertise bring?

– What critical needs are rising in the profession not being addressed?

– Who could bring skills and insight to join the Grow Midwives team?

We also updated our aim at Grow Midwives to include a new motto of sorts: 

We are the industry experts in scaling up and sustaining midwifery.

Grow Midwives offers a range of customized services for individual professionals as well as group practices, hospitals, and academic institutions. 

Grow Midwives has grown tremendously, and it was time to focus on the future ahead, but before we do, here is a look at our impressive past!

Our story began 5 years ago to help midwives navigate an often frustrating and challenging health care quagmire! We quickly realized through contract reviews and calls for help that to grow the profession not only did midwives need assistance, but so did employers, hospitals, practices, and the academic settings they work in, along with a growing interest of midwives to build their own practice in a variety of settings. We now average 50 inquiries/month.

We have produced numerous webinars accessible on the Grow Midwives website. We have paid for comprehensive legal reviews to aid in discussions on fair market salary caps, vicarious liability, and soon-to-release navigating non-competes in our web store. We have invested in scholarships for students of color, led a service director round table series, a round table series for new midwives now underway, and have more planned.

We started a billing service, GM Billing & Recovery Solutions to bring personal, reliable and compliant billing practices to midwives and entities that seek unique knowledge around Midwifery and birth center services.

We have written feasibility studies, provided multiple national presentations, sit on several national Advisory Boards that influence the midwifery profession, and facilitated many practice and state focused meetings to get from ’what now?’ to action. One of us even went to the East Room of the White House.

It was a productive, enlightening, and exhilarating experience, and we can’t wait to share many exciting announcements about our future! 

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