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Presenting in Tucson

Presenting in Tucson
Presenting in Tucson

Presenting in Tucson

The Winter Summit educational conference was held by The Arizona Affiliate of the American College of Nurse-Midwives on Saturday, February 29, 2023 at Banner University Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona. 

The main theme for the conference was “Challenges in Pregnancy and Women’s Health”.

Topics included: 

– management of thyroid disease in pregnancy

– clients with a history of bariatric surgery in pregnancy

– facilitating a healthy pregnancy in women with a high BMI

– current treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding

– evaluating strategies for women with contraceptive challenges

– encouraging sexual health for women of all ages  

Grow Midwives’ very own Ginger Breedlove attended and presented at the event on two important topics: Assessing Your Midwifery Practice Financial Health and Employment Trends: Increasing Value of Midwives. 

Grow Midwives is passionate about helping scale up midwifery in the US, and financial health for practices and practitioners is a major part of that effort. This past year, we launched our newest division, GM Billing & Recovery Solutions®, to better help with making the billing processes safer, faster, and simpler for our providers and their patients alike. Our experienced account managers work with our clients through every step of the revenue cycle management process and increase paid claims for services, protect practices with compliant billing, and help resolve cash flow issues!

Another great way to make sure you are starting your business off on the right financial footing is to utilize Grow Midwives Proforma tool, which is a custom finance modeling tool used for opening private practices and birth centers. 

Grow Midwives has helped new Midwifery businesses with financial modeling for raising venture capital/startup funding and private equity partnerships. If you think your practice could benefit from an outside source taking a look at your financial health, send us a message and we would be happy to help out! 

It was an honor to have Grow Midwives in attendance at this conference to provide education for our colleagues and share our knowledge! Thanks to Arizona ACNM Affiliate for a fantastic conference.

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