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Negotiating Insurance Contracts

Negotiating Insurance Contracts
Negotiating Insurance Contracts

Negotiating Insurance Contracts

Grow Midwives hosts webinars multiple times throughout the year on key topics to help birth centers and midwives learn the most relevant and up to date information to help grow and sustain Midwifery practices in the United States. 

Using our combined decades of national leadership roles and breadth of professional expertise, we are able to provide midwives multiple resources to create successful and lasting businesses.

Our upcoming webinar topic on March 15 at 6:30 PM CT is focused on Negotiating Payor Contracts for Birth Centers hosted by Lesley Rathbun, CNM, FNP, MSN, FACNM, CCO, Co-Founder and Senior Consultant and Arden Schwenker, Chief Financial Officer and Senior Consultant. Make sure to register or rewatch the webinar HERE!

Clear communication is key to negotiation. When you can clearly communicate your point of view to someone else, you can build a relationship of trust and transparency. This webinar will detail just how to create clear communication and have a successful negotiation: being prepared! We will discuss ways to prepare through:

– Updating your STATS 

– Knowing who your top 3 payors are

– Calculating your cost of business

– Learning your comparables

– Gathering supporting documents 

– Further professional preparation

Understanding how to successfully negotiate insurance contracts will have a tremendous positive effect on your businesses revenue without sacrificing patient care! 

Our webinars and other career services will help you gather and analyze the data you need to have a successful negotiating with your insurance contracts! Sign up or watch the replay of our upcoming webinar here:

If you want to catch up on other supporting webinar topics we recommend checking out ‘Incident To Billing: Understanding the “Incident To” Provision of Medicare’, ‘Understanding and Creating Midwifery Fee Schedules”, and “Negotiating At Will Contracts”.

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